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Phuket Holiday Report

The Claytons holiday pics.

Letter from the Claytons

We got here in one piece. Thank heavens for Andrew & Andrea’s organisational skills. Left Auckland 1 1/2 hours late but they made up some time so we were in time for our transfer at Singapore to Phuket.

Hot here and humid. Got out of the airport and our specs immediately fogged up. Had to take them off to see. Had a bit of a hair-raising ride to the hotel but got there in one piece.

Yesterday we spent sometime with the tour guide working out what we wanted to do and when. We’ve got a programme which gives us plenty of space to “chill” out.  Then off to a tailor shop which was quite a good experience. By the time everyone who wanted stuff was sorted we’d spent about 2 hours there.

Went to a shopping mall - the photo of us with the elephants - did some shopping for bits and pieces and then found an Irish pub where we had a snack and a beer.

Came back to the hotel in a BMW limousine. That’s the red and yellow machine. 8 of us packed in the back. They’re called Tuk-Tuks here. 
Onto day 3 now which is a spare day with nothing organised. Might have to lounge around the pool.

The 1st and last pics are the wee towelling animals on the bed each day - so far we’ve had a crab and an elephant. Cute. The other two pics are of orchids and butterflies. You might have to look hard to see the butterflies.

Food is amazing and plentiful.

That’s enough for now.

Cheers & love from us both.

Dick & Marg.

Arrived safely

20240627_180459_resized (002).jpg
20240627_142900_resized (002).jpg

Some lovely towel/animal art on our beds

20240627_181048_resized (002).jpg
20240626_154711_resized (002).jpg

Beautiful orchids and butterflies

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