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We Value Inclusiveness and acceptance regardless of individual, cultural or other  differences.

We Believe:

We are a church on the more liberal/inclusive end of the Christian spectrum. As a Methodist Church we believe that faith is not faith unless it is put into action. We take the Bible too seriously to take it literally. We believe that Jesus is the 'Word of God'. We believe that God is the creator of all things. We worship God, and follow Jesus' Way. 


As a Church Community we value:

  • Deepening Spiritual Experience: Worship, preaching, and biblical knowledge as ways of deepening our and others’ Christian experience.

  • Caring: Offering pastoral care and concern for those whom we encounter ‘on the road’.

  • Being Open and Inclusive: Welcoming all regardless of individual, cultural or other differences.

  • Our Methodist Heritage: Building on the learning available from our faith heritage for today.

  • Equipping and serving: Encouraging and helping people to be ‘God’s hands’ so that we continue and advance as a ’serving’ parish.

  • Engaged and collaborating: Community engagement and outreach, including cooperation with other churches, other faiths and community organisations.

Our Methodist HeritagE


  • The Methodist Church of New Zealand, Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa, is a Connexional church - all Methodist parishes are connected and under the same governance.  

  • The Methodist Church’s mission in Aotearoa/New Zealand is to reflect and proclaim the transforming love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and declared in the Scriptures. 

  • We believe it is not our job to change people – we leave that to God - but it is our job to love and accept all people, no matter the labels the world wants to put on them.  

  • The Methodist Church was founded on a deep concern that injustices be named and addressed.  

  • The Methodist Church is strongly ecumenical, believing that our best Christian witness is when all churches stand together.

There is a wide variance in God-understandings throughout the Methodist Church, and throughout the membership of this Parish, however, generally, this parish is on the more liberal end of the theological perspective.

Who We Support:

Christchurch Methodist Mission

We support the work of the Christchurch Methodist Mission which includes but is not limited to: 

  • Meeting the needs of the families at Aratupu Pre-School

  • Support-a-Family Christmas Hamper

  • Supporting the rehousing of individuals and families



We support Petersgate, a professional and affordable, Counselling Centre

through volunteers and donations.  Petersgate was established in 1996 by 5 churches -

including the Upper Riccarton Methodist Church.

Special Fund raising

  • Up to four times a year this Parish has ‘Red Spot’ appeal that invited member to make a special donation to a particular cause. 

  • 1% of the offering money given to overseas aid.

Christian World Service

Our church actively supports Christian World Service (CWS), an organisation who responds

to disasters around the world.


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